Maddies Netball Club provides umpires each Saturday games for years 2 and 3 junior teams and all Intermediate and Senior teams.

Where available, badged umpires will be allocated for Div 1 games in the Senior and Intermediate grades. This depends on the availability of qualified umpires and the number of teams in Division 1 Inters and Seniors.

TNA provides Umpire Information sessions throughout the season and the TNA Umpires Coordinator allocates umpires from a pool of Junior Rep players from Under 13's to umpire Saturday games for year 4, 5 and 6 games in the Junior Competition.

The Maddies Netball C Umpires Coordinator allocates umpires to all Maddies teams participating in the Inters and Senior competitions. Our umpires are paid for each game during the season on a scale set by the committee and is dependent on experience and qualifications.

If you wish to be a Maddies Umpire for the winter competition please contact the club by email at to register your interest.

Becoming an umpire is now very easy; a Level One umpires course is available on line at a small cost which Maddies will reimburse if you complete the course and present the club with your certificate. This course can be found on the Netball ACT website.

At Maddies we mentor our umpires regardless of age and our umpires are strongly encouraged to sit the on-line theory exam, which can be accessed from the Netball Australia Website. This exam along with an assessed, low pressure practical umpiring session or game will get you to a National C Badge qualification.

If you require any information, support or coaching to develop your umpiring skills please contact us, we encourage parents as well as players to get involved in our umpiring program.