2021 Fees

Full payment is expected at the time of registration unless arrangements are made for a Payment Plan.

Fee Structure

The following details how your fees are divided.

Maddies Senior, Maddies Senior Players under 18, Maddies Inters

$250.00 (Approximately)

Breakdown:     $200 - Registration         $25 - Umpire Levy         $25 - Fundraising Levy         MyNetball fee - Approx. 1.78%

Maddies Junior Year 5 and 6 Players

$195.00 (Approximately)

Breakdown:     $170 - Registration         $25 - Fundraising Levy         MyNetball fee - Approx. 1.78%

NSG SET, Skills/Competition – Year 2 and Year 3

$195.00 (Approximately)

Breakdown:     $170 - Registration         $25 - Fundraising Levy         MyNetball fee - Approx. 1.78%

NSG GO Competition -Year 4

$195 (Approximately)

Breakdown:     $170 - Registration         $25 - Fundraising Levy         MyNetball fee - Approx. 1.78%

Includes a t-shirt and ball for NSG

Note: Maddies Juniors don’t pay for umpires as these are provided by TNA.

Maddies Fundraising Levy

This is a compulsory fee for every player but there will be only one payment per family, not one payment per player. For ease of handling, each player in the family must pay the fundraising levy up front and Maddies will reimburse families with more than one player.

NACT Insurance Levy

The Netball ACT Insurance levy for players in the case of injury, is included in your fees. Please be aware that once you commence training with Maddies, this fee cannot be refunded, even if you are injured and cannot play for the remainder of the season. Refunds of the remainder of the Maddies fee will be at the discretion of the Rebels Treasurer depending on your circumstances.

Help With Fees

Please contact the Treasurer via our email address if you require assistance with your fees or have already applied to any of the following grant providers:

Indigenous Sports Grants Program (ISGP)

Variety Every Chance to Play

If you are eligible to receive financial assistance through a grant program, please contact the Treasurer. As these types of payments are generally made towards the end of the netball season, you will need to ensure that fees and uniform payments are settled when due. Once the grant payment is made, you will be refunded any payments you have made up to the total of the grant payment.