Maddies Netball Club Commitment Policy

At Maddies Netball Club we offer the opportunity for players of all ages to participate in a safe, friendly and competitive sporting competition. Our aim is to offer individual, team and social skill improvements to all players no matter what their skill level.

The aim of Maddies Netball Club is to progressively develop the skills and attitudes of its players with the provision of the best possible organisation, facilities and coaching to enable strong, healthy and enjoyable participation in the game of netball. The Club commits all of its resources to the development of players and enjoyment of the game, and will ensure that the game is taken seriously at all levels of participation and management.

Maddies Netball Club recognises that participation in netball – as in any team sport – can help develop important life skills in children: Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Problem Solving. Through our Player Commitment Policy and Code of Conduct, the Club aims to maximise and reinforce these developmental opportunities.


Sports help teach children teamwork because if the children want to win, they have to learn to work together. This includes knowing when to ask for help (from another player or the coach), or knowing when to let somebody else take the point. Team sports teach teamwork because you, the individual, need to perform your duties / responsibility to the best of your ability – and expect the same from the person next to you – in order for the team, as a unit, to perform at the best of its ability. The concept of “commitment” is closely tied to teamwork. Commitment entails being bound to a pledge or duty. Responsibilities – and at times sacrifices – are encased in commitment. Commitment also involves tenacity which is the ability to continue on despite difficult circumstances or obstacles. Teamwork – with commitment – is one of those life skills that children will consistently use throughout their lives.


Sportsmanship is another life skill that can be developed through sports. Children learn that it is not okay to put other others down, specifically after the other person or team loses. This includes name calling, taunting, fighting and many other things. Sports help teach children that it’s best to be polite, humble and courteous.


Playing team sports really make children think. They have to consider how much force to use, and at what angle to hit, shoot, throw, or kick. If one of their teammates is marked, they have to think about what to do next. If their team needs a certain amount of points and there is only a certain amount of time left, they have to consider their strategy. These are great way to develop problem solving skills.


By submitting a registration form you are acknowledging your agreement to abide by the Maddies Netball Club Code of Conduct and your commitment to the Maddies Netball Club as per the terms of the Player and Parent Commitment Agreement. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in players not being invited back to the club in following years.


As a player with the Maddies Netball Club:

1. I will attend all training sessions and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If, due to illness, injury or unavoidable factors, I am unable to attend a training session, I will notify my coach as far in advance as possible. I acknowledge and accept that my failure to attend training may result in reduced court time during competition matches.

2. I make a commitment to play for the full season for the club, including pre-season training and grading through to the end of the Northern Suburbs Netball Association (NSNA) competition finals series If, due to illness, injury or other unavoidable factor, I am unable to play in a particular competition match, I will notify my team coach and manager as far in advance as possible. I understand that - due to NSNA rules disallowing the substitution of players during the finals series - if my team makes it to the finals series, my participation in each game of the finals series will be compulsory. If there is any reason why you think you may not be able to play for the full season, please advise the details and time period in writing as an attachment to this Agreement.

3. I will arrive at competition matches at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the match, unless stated otherwise by my coach.

4. I will wear the correct Maddies Netball Club playing uniform.

5. I will maintain a high standard of behaviour whilst representing Maddies Netball Club, abiding by the club’s Code of Conduct.

6. I understand that team selection for games is at the discretion of the coach.

7. I will play in whatever position my coach determines is best for the team.

8. I will display good sportsmanship at all times, and will maintain a positive attitude supporting my team and teammates during the season whether playing or not.


1. I will support and encourage my daughter/player to abide by the Maddies Netball Club Code of Behaviour, and to fulfil her responsibilities as outlined under the Player Commitment Agreement.

2. Sideline support: In supporting my daughter / player during competition matches, I will do so in a positive and respectful manner. I will cheer for goals and good general work, but will not coach from the sidelines. I understand that umpires are not to be commented to or spoken to by anyone except the captains of the playing team during official breaks or during injury times.

3. I agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set out by the Maddies Netball Club.

4. I understand that, should the behaviour of my child, family or friends not meet these standards, I/we may be asked to leave the game. Repetitive poor behaviour from any party may result in being asked to leave the club.